Dental Sleep Medicine and Oral Appliance Therapy

Sleep is essential in maintaining a healthy body and mind. However, many factors can significantly affect one’s ability to get a good night’s sleep, such as a sedentary lifestyle, long working hours, and underlying medical conditions such as sleep apnea and other sleep-related disorders. Sleep problems could range from simple snoring and insomnia to more severe cases like sleep apnea and narcolepsy, to name a few. Dental sleep medicine has become a very important part of treating obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea/obstructive sleep apnea is something that should not be taken for granted as it could lead to a fatal condition. There is a couple of factors causing sleep apnea, such as diabetes, chronic smoking, hypertension, family history of asthma, excess weight/obesity, and narrowed airway.

The traditional approach to treating sleep apnea is through the use of a CPAP machine or also known as continuous positive airway pressure therapy. It seems to work pretty well, but the majority of sleep apnea patients are not comfortable using it. With thorough research and study, it has been found out that sleep apnea and other sleep-related conditions can be managed using the dentistry approach. Thus, paved a way to what is called now dental sleep medicine.

Treating Sleep Apnea and Related Conditions with Dentistry

With dental sleep medicine, people suffering from sleep apnea will not only see a sleep specialist but a dentist too. However, not all dentists are qualified to treat sleep apnea. Should a dentist wantDental Sleep Medicine Student to be a certified dental sleep specialist, he/she should take a dental sleep medicine course.

Dental sleep medicine is an integral part of dentistry, where dentists’ primary focus is to treat sleep-related disorders using oral appliance therapy. It includes the use of devices worn in the mouth during sleep. The dental appliance functions as a sports mouthguard or orthodontic retainer, keeping the airway open during sleep to allow breathing to flow normally during sleep.

How can dental sleep medicine by used by dentists to help with sleep disorders?

A primary care physician many times doesn’t notice some of the smaller signs that a dentist will notice when it comes to obstructive sleep apnea such as:

  • receding chin
  • thick neck
  • enlarged uvula
  • enlarged tongue
  • narrow sinus passages

If a patient falls asleep during their dental treatment or has trouble breathing it may also be an indication of obstructive sleep apnea.

Dental sleep doctors work hand-in-hand with a sleep specialist

Obstructive sleep apnea does not only affect sleep but overall well-being. It is a deadly disease if not treated promptly. The fatal nature of sleep apnea has professionals, both sleep experts, and dental sleep practitioners, to work hand in hand to treat sleep apnea and eliminate other related medical conditions. Sleep apnea is caused by many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart-related problems, to name a few.

Dental sleep professionals screen each patient who walks through their clinic and watch for signs of obstructive sleep apnea. For many dental professionals like Dr. Avi Weisfogel, sleep dentistry is the least stressful and rewarding part of his practice. Dentists who want to broaden the scope of their practice through dental sleep medicine must undergo continuing education and finished a dental sleep medicine course. There are many dental sleep medicine courses available today, and one of them is the International Academy of Sleep.

International Academy of Sleep – Become a certified dental sleep specialist

The International Academy of Sleep offers dental sleep medicine courses that help dentists become proficient in handling sleep patients using the dentistry approach. The course is designed to give dentists the most up-to-date information, knowledge, methods, and technology to properly screen, diagnose, and treat sleep apnea patients in a dental practice.

The International Academy of Sleep will help you learn how sleep apnea manifests as dental complications during the dental assessment. It will help you learn how to grow a thriving dental sleep medicine practice. You will discover different ways of receiving referrals from colleagues and how to be successfully reimbursed by insurance companies. After completing the course, you will not just learn the basics of dental sleep medicine, but you will also get inputs on how to run a successful dental sleep practice.

The dental sleep medicine course offered by the International Academy of Sleep will also fulfill your continuing education credit requirements. At the end of the course, you will master the following areas:

• Watch out for signs and symptoms of airway problems in your patients
• How to properly conduct diagnostic sleep testing
• Assessing sleep disorders and review of sleep study
• Different options for oral appliance
• Bite registration methods
• Medical and legal protocols for treatment of sleep patients
• Medical insurance billing process
• Learn about the severity and prevalence of sleep apnea and the most effective treatment available today.
• Learn to educate patients about the danger of sleep apnea.
• Hands-on experience working with bite registrations using today’s popular dental appliances.

The best people in the industry teach the courses offered by the International Academy of Sleep. Avi Weisfogel, a dentist by profession, has years of experience working with sleep patients. Together with other dental sleep experts, they design the course in such a way that it will make dental sleep professionals ready to take on the challenges of diagnosing and treating sleep apnea and other related sleep conditions.

Who should take a dental sleep medicine course and the exam?

• Dentists
• Orthodontists
• Hygienists

The course is designed to help dental professionals improve the health of their patients by properly diagnosing and treating sleep apnea and other related sleep disorders like simple snoring to more complex conditions such as upper airway resistance syndrome. Sleep-related conditions are fatal if not treated and managed timely. Taking a dental sleep medicine course will help dental professionals make a significant impact on their patient’s lives while building a lucrative and successful practice.

What sets the International Academy of Sleep apart from the rest?

The International Academy of Sleep has a proven track record of success, education, and technology. It is passionate about moving the curve for sleep medicine forward between sleep experts and qualified dentists. The number of sleep patients continues to rise, and most of them come to dental clinics to complain about their oral health. It builds a solid connection between oral health and sleep pattern. It has created a door of opportunity for dentists to transition to dental sleep medicine.
dental sleep medicine course
It strives hard to make a massive impact in the world of sleep by opening the doors of sleep medicine to dental professionals. Dentists should be at the forefront of sleep apnea diagnosis, treatment, and management. It empowers dentists to accurately assess and screen every patient that walks into their office so that those who suffer from the sleep-related condition can receive appropriate treatment.

What You Need to Know

Avi Weisfogel is the Director of the International Academy of Sleep. He is a former dentist and the founder of the International Academy of Sleep. He has been treating sleep patients since he first started his career as a general dentist. Although he is a successful general dentist, he couldn’t find a successful marketing strategy that led to a constant stream of oral appliance patients. In 2010, Avi Weisfogel left the general dentistry practice and opened a company dedicated to sleep medicine. He developed a system that created around 300 oral appliance patients every single month. It is the most significant break that dental professionals are waiting for.

Sleep Medicine and Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel, through the International Academy of Sleep, has been teaching dental professionals the very same system he used that led him to success. His goal is to reach more dentists, doctors, and patients with this model and improve the healthcare distribution in the sleep medicine world. Weisfogel has pioneered an innovative model that enables dental professionals to achieve massive success in dental sleep medicine.

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