How to Avoid a Lawsuit and Having License Revoked

The Entrepreneurial Dentist – Episode 6

Dental sleep medicine is the greatest thing you can do right now. When you come out of dental school you could be somewhere around $600,000 in debt, and all you get is a piece of paper. You do not have your dental degree. Yes, you’re technically a doctor but not necessarily a practicing doctor you, now have to take a test right which we all know is the board’s to be able practice, and this is only for certain areas of the country, which insanity that we can’t even agree that if you pass the test you could practice.

And then that little piece of paper called your license can be taken away and revoked at any time by a random group of strangers, all of them believe that they’re better than you. This is fact guys. If you’ve ever gone in front of the Dental Board, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Nothing gave me more pleasure in my life then going up to them and saying, “hey see this license” (ripping it up). now think about that. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on my license just to get my license and then to be able to go and do that in front of a board was I’m telling you one of my most fulfilling moments of my life but in reality sounds insane. Listen to the entire podcast below, Avi Weisfogel License Revoked.

Avi Weisfogel Discusses Avoiding License Revoked and Lawsuits

To be a licensed dentist, you need to know and master how to perform complex dental procedures. But are you prepared enough to handle the business side of the dental practice? As a new dentist, you soon realize that clinical knowledge is not enough to run a successful dental practice. You need to know the entrepreneurial component of practicing dentistry. You’ll need to learn how to market yourself, skills, and the dental office as a whole.

Owning a dental practice means taking care of a whole lot of things -hiring staff, taking care of the payroll, taxes, marketing, and advertising, and overhead cost, to name a few. These things will make your dental practice sustainable. However, most of these things are not included in the dental school training. Many dental students feel they are not prepared enough to oversee the marketing and management aspects of their practice. The clinical aspect of dentistry is only half of a successful dental practice.

Dentists are practicing professionals. They are business owners who need to make crucial decisions to keep the business going and thrive. They don’t only need to have medical skills but also become proficient in the business side of dentistry. Running a successful dental practice could be quite tricky if you don’t know how to look at it from a business perspective. After all, dental practice is a complicated issue, and it needs a consistent approach, resources, and planning.

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What is the Podcast Avi Weisfogel License Revoked?

Avi Weisfogel license revoked is a podcast and video by Dr. Avi Weisfogel from Dental Sleep MBA that discusses how to avoid going before the dental board to have your license revoked.

avi weisfogel license revoked

Was Avi Weisfogel’s License Revoked

No, Avi Weisfogel’ license was not revoked. He voluntarily gave up his dental license. He also doesn’t claim to have a dental license. He focuses on his membership with Dental Sleep MBA.

Dental Licenses Revoked

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