Avi Weisfogel’s Podcasts for Dentists and Dental Sleep Entrepreneurs

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s podcasts and videos coach dentists how to build their practice. Listen to Avi Weisfogel’s marketing strategies in dental sleep medicine for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Avi Weisfogel is the host of the Entrepreneurial Dentist podcast, where he talks about how to run and manage a more profitable dental practice.

Drawing from his proven experience that has enabled him to build substantial net worth and personal freedom, Avi Weisfogel gives you access to his teachings of skills such as how to avoid the pitfalls of out of control overhead costs, and how to solve some of the biggest problems facing dental practices today.

Topics Discussed by Avi Weisfogel on The Entrepreneurial Dentist Podcasts

  • Staff Proficiency Scheduling Appointments
  • Managing Cash Flow for Your Dental Practice
  • Patient Loyalty – How to Retain Your Clients
  • Working With Insurance Companies for Prompt Payments
  • Collections – The Most Professional Way to Do It
  • Increasing Revenue By Treating Sleeping Disorders

Watch Avi Weisfogel’s Episode 1 of The Entrepreneurial Dentist – The Introduction

The Entrepreneurial Dentist podcast by Avi Weisfogel is available to listen to or watch

Here are some additional skills you can learn as a dentist to have a more controlled practice

  • Delegating Duties to Staff
  • How to Avoid Lawsuits and Bad Press
  • Increasing Your Personal Net Worth – Planning for Your Future
  • What’s New in 2020 for Dentists
  • Dental Scams and What to Watch Out For
  • Management of Dentists in Your Practice

Dental Sleep Masters – Taking Dentistry into the Next Level

Dental Sleep MBA LogoDentistry is more than just extracting a damaged tooth, correcting smiles, and improving your pearly whites. There is more to it. Today, even sleep medicine has been a sub-specialty of dentistry. You can find dentists who are also certified, dental sleep specialists. It is because there is a correlation between sleep and oral health. To become a certified dental sleep specialist, a dentist needs to undergo extensive training. Fortunately, many institutions provide training for dentists who want to become proficient in dental sleep medicine.

What is the Career Path for a Dental Sleep Specialist?

Many dentists want to become dental sleep specialists. Unfortunately, most of them don’t make it in sleep medicine. They would see a couple of patients in a month, which is not enough to sustain their needs. Eventually, they have no choice but to quit. There are reasons why they fail in their practice. It could be because of the low-quality opportunity in the business or the dentist is doing something wrong.

On the flip side, some dentists are continuously making it big in dental sleep medicine. Some of them even make millions of dollars annually. If you do it right, you will be able to see many patients every month and doing more than 40 oral appliances monthly. These numbers show that there is much opportunity in dental sleep medicine. All you need to do is to have proper training – not only on the technical aspect but as well on the marketing aspect. After all, dental sleep medicine is both patient-centered and business-oriented.

Avi Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Medicine with The International Academy of Sleep

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the most successful dental sleep specialists in the world. Just like everyone else, Avi Weisfogel was a general dentist – a International Academy of Sleep Logosuccessful one, to be exact. His dental office in New Jersey is one of the go-to-dental offices and preferred by many patients. Despite his success, he felt like he is up for something bigger. He has always been fascinated by sleep medicine. Eventually, he finds himself attending dental sleep seminars and taking up dental sleep medicine courses. However, nothing seems to match his expectations. So, he created his dental sleep course to help those who want to become successful in dental sleep medicine.

The International Academy of Sleep is a group that trains, mentors, and coaches dentists to help them build a successful dental sleep medicine practice. Dentists go through dental school for many years and should pass the board exam before they receive the license to practice dentistry. In many years in dental school, dental sleep medicine is not taught. Those who want to succeed in dental sleep medicine have to attend dental sleep medicine training and be certified. In the pursuit of creating the best platform for dentists who wish to become dental sleep specialist, Avi Weisfogel created Dental Sleep Masters continuing education course.

What is Dental Sleep Masters?

Dental Sleep MBA is designed for dentists who want to take their practice to the next level. It is for dental practitioners who wish to an Avi Teaching Session at Dental Sleep MBAentirely innovative way of building a profitable dental practice. Dr. Avi Weisfogel created Dental Sleep Masters out of the experience. The inputs he shares with you are a product of his own experience. If you want to follow his success path, then you are highly encouraged to take the Dental Sleep Masters course. As a new registrant you will learn dental sleep medicine straight from Avi as well as have access to some of the most successful dental sleep specialists.

If you are thinking of becoming a dental sleep specialist, you are highly encouraged to come to the Dental Sleep MBA preview event. It is an introduction to dental sleep medicine. The preview event is a weekend-long walkthrough of the processes and methodologies used to generate results. After the preview event, you will be able to understand how dental sleep practice works. You get to decide whether you would want to become a certified dental sleep specialist or not. You can’t be a person that will take the full program from Dental Sleep Masters if you don’t attend the preview event. Sign up as a new registrant for details for events coming to a state near you.

What Does Dental Sleep MBA Continuing Education Teach?

The Dental Sleep MBA full program is a four-year course. It is a comprehensive program that guides you through the four years of building your dental sleep practice. You will receive everything you need to start your own dental sleep practice – the training, strategies, and entire system, making dental sleep practice a success. The training provided covers these topics:

  • Basics of Dental Sleep Masters
  • Forming your own sleep medicine company
  • Hiring and training of a sleep coordinator
  • Creating connections among people in the medical arena
  • Staff training and handling of the influx of new patients
  • Development of business plan and outline the steps to begin their dental practice immediately.

dental sleep mba continuing education

Avi Weisfogel and his partners created the Dental Sleep MBA to help dentists who want to bring their dental practice into the next level. It is also their way of helping sleep patients – giving them more effective and less invasive treatments for a person with sleep-related conditions like sleep apnea. Dental Sleep MBA is a four-year program, and it requires an investment that is quite similar to the average dental school.

However, there is a huge difference between dental school and Dental Sleep MBA. With dental school, you need to finish the course and pass the board exam before you can open your dental practice and start earning. Dental Sleep is different because it is a working program. While you are taking the course, you can immediately start building your dental sleep practice. After all, the dental sleep experts from Dental Sleep MBA are there to help and train you. Dr. Avi Weisfogel and his team will be there for you every step of the way. They will help you work towards success. By the time you finish the program, you will be experiencing success. You will be seeing sleep patients and make not less than 20 oral appliances per month. That’s our definition of success.

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